Planning your wedding should be a wonderful, fun and exciting experience…don’t let the stress of planning spoil that special time of your life.
In our ten years experience we have selected the best suppliers and we are now able to provide top class services that we can always adjust to your needs, wishes and your budget.
If required we can plan everything from beginning to end or we can help you with certain aspects if you wish. Let us make your dreem wedding come true!



    The choice of flowers for the bouquets and decoration depends on a variety of factors: personal preferences, color theme, and time of year. The possibilities in arrangements are truly endless!
    Our first class florists will make customized, handmade bouquets and arrangements for the wedding ceremony and the reception venues. Wedding bouquet, bouquets for the bridesmaids, boutonnieres, corsages… are also available and can be customized to your like.
    We are informed on the current trends and we believe that details make the difference.


    Is a soul of every good party. For the ceremony you can choose from violin, cello, guitar, piano… players, soprano singer /klapa singers ( singing typical folk songs acapella with out any instrument)… For the reception from: DJ to a live band.

Photographers & cameramen

    Will make sure that your special moments are captured for a life time


    Hair and make up booking for the day, trials, manicure,pedicure, SPA…and anything else that will make you feel special.


    A wide variety of transportation can be arranged to meet your needs. From luxury cars, limousines, old timers, all types of boats, riksa…and more are at your disposal.


  • Inspection tours
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Excursion planning & guidance
  • Catering services & wedding cakes
  • Wedding favors & stationary
  • Ambiental lightning
  • Fireworks & fire shows
  • Babysitting
  • Any other requests you may have